Home Again Home Again, Jiggety Jig

We just got back from vacation. This means that the contents of the van are now smattered around the house like some kind of hastily set up obstacle course. Ten days ago we set off in a van that was clean and organized (relatively speaking) with plenty of gum and napkins and a yet to be broken in Mad Libs pad and a purple folder with a lovely typed agenda and all of our hotel reservation print-offs courtesy of Hotwire.
Off we flew! Barreling down the interstate, headed for D.C. We defied the heat and the storms (we were never without electricity, thank you Lord) and walked everywhere and saw the sights, did the museums, literally dragged our kids through the National Art Gallery (“This is culture, this is good for you, this is a Renoir for crying out loud!”) Then camped for two days, tasted the salty Atlantic Ocean and blissfully gave ourselves to its waves (particularly me and Elijah), found a candy store, ate seafood, fell in love with colonial Williamsburg (“we” referring to we the parents) and watched Maylie jump in the pool no less than 40 times per hotel.
And now we’re back home and the van is empty and smells like chlorine, beef jerky, and feet. 

It’s almost as hot here as it was in D.C. but we won’t be walking for miles anytime soon. So we’re all a little tired and cranky and bug bitten and sunburned but happy we went, happy we experienced one corner of the world, and happy to be home.
A few memorable quotes:
On the way to the National Art Gallery: “There will be no more arm farts once we get in the art museum.”  (Me)
Once in the art gallery among the marble sculptures: “But mom, they’re all naked!” (Maylie)
Still in the art museum after I asked him which was his favorite painting: “The last one I see before we leave.” (Elijah)
Somewhere in the Pennsylvania foothills: “I don’t want to hear another word about bodily functions.” (Doug)

May your summer be filled with an abundance of sweet memories!

2 responses to “Home Again Home Again, Jiggety Jig”

  1. Oh, I'm laughing out loud, friend! Your kids would fare well in our van- smells like feet and sweat ALWAYS- guess that means my whole life is just a vacation. And if someone isn't producing bodily functions, then they are certainly talking about them, so pass those two sweet kiddos my way, would ya? Hope your summer is going well. I'll be laughing all night about "forced culture fun" and Elijah's favorite painting.Just unpacked from a spontaneous trip to Lincoln, NE, with my 4 youngest. We crammed in 2 overnights with friends, the zoo, the children's museum, an indoor playground, and a trip to the pool all in less than 48 hours. No culture- just crazy play. Maybe an art museum next year! I'm just glad to be sleeping in my own bed tonight- without a toddler and preschooler flanking my sides 🙂

  2. Oh my word! I wonder if I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life! Last summer the fam drove to Washington D.C. as well, (what a coincidence) and I remember walking through the National art museum as well. The “memorable quotes” part just about killed me, Excellent job!

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