So What if Oprah Hasn’t Read My Book

Last night I partook in my first book club discussion in which the book club discussed my novel. They provided fresh squeezed lemonade (if you’ve read Mother of My Son you’ll know why) and thought-provoking discussion. For a debut, newbie, novelist like me it was one of those moments of gratitude, an oh yesthis is why I started writing in the first place. This connection. For those who’ve asked, tongue in cheek, no, Oprah has not read my book yet and no, I’m not on the NYT best-sellers list, but having readers is a big deal. So forgive me if this turns a little self-indulgenty and ends up sounding like an Academy Awards speech gone long, but here goes:

Thank you. Thank you for getting my book. Thank you for reading it. Thank you for telling your friends about it and sharing the link or the book trailer or my site so they can get it too. Thank you for requesting a copy for your local library. Thank you for posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads or Barnes & Noble or all three. Thank you for promoting it on your blog. Thank you for dropping me an encouraging word through my blog or in person or on Facebook. Thank you for telling me what you loved about the story (and for telling me what irked you a bit, too). Thank you for inviting me to your book club or to speak for your MOPS group or ministry function. Thank you for requesting a sequel even though you won’t get it. Thank you for closing the circle between writing all by myself to connecting with readers. The world is full of books, and I’m grateful and honored you invested in mine.Image

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