Christmas Paradox

Rachel Allord

Paradox enhances any story and the Christmas story is paradox at its best. Maybe unexpected is a better word, as in Who would have thunk it? or Say what?! Lots of people were waiting for the messiah but his entrance wasn’t like anything they were expecting.

A few  Christmas surprises:

The glorious becomes an embryo. Remember Moses? Remember how in the Old Testament God gave him a glimpse of His Glory, but only a glimpse, because if Moses were to see all of God’s glory he would die? Well now all that glory is condensed and concealed in the most hidden of places—Mary’s womb. Vulnerable. Dependent. Entering the world, like everyone else on the face of the earth does. Inexhaustible glory encased in tiny human form. But that’s not all…

A virgin gets pregnant. In terms of the unexpected, we could stop right here. An ordinary girl…

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