All Tangled Up

IMG_2310  Sometimes life doesn’t turn out like you plan. Take it from my almost eleven year old daughter Maylie, today’s guest blogger.

When I looked in the mirror I said to myself, “Yeah, I think this will work.” The next thing I knew, my hair was stuck in the comb and I thought, “My brother is going to kill me.”
All of us have our own comb and or brush. I was using my brother’s comb, which he had told me a thousand times not to use. Usually right before church, my mom curls her hair but if there isn’t enough time she twirls her hair with a brush that our hair stylist gave her.
I thought that’s what I was doing but… I did it with Elijah’s comb, like I’ve done many times before, but this time I felt like I really messed up. It was 10:00pm so everybody was getting ready for bed. I was pulling SO hard on my hair but it wouldn’t budge.
I had no idea what to do. The only thing I knew was that Elijah had better stay in his room. Elijah took a bowl of chips into his room at like 9:30 but I didn’t know how big it was. He would probably stay in is room for a while. (Whew).
So I just had to tell my mom. When I walked into the kitchen with Elijah’s comb crammed into head, my mom said, “Maylie! What did you do to your hair?!” All I had to do was tell her and she would probaIMG_2311bly do something and fix it.( I hoped) “Umm I might have tried to do what you do and curl my hair and it didn’t really go how I thought it would.”
“Maylie Maylie MAYLIE ,” she just kept saying and shaking her head while she worked on my hair.  “I cant get it, maybe we can ask dad,” she said.
Ok so it was hard enough to tell one family member, I couldn’t tell my dad, but I had to. None of us could get my hair untangled so my mom sent our hair stylist a picture of my horrible knotted hair. She responded and told us to put some conditioner or cut the teeth of the comb, and then texted us again saying that she put the picture of my hair on her hairstylist blog.
We finally got it out, after thirty minutes. I got just a little hair cut, not that much. Here comes the hardest part, telling Elijah. I went in his room with the broken comb and said: “Hey Elijah I had a little accident.” And then I showed him the comb. It’s fine now, all I need to do is buy him a new comb. (Sigh)   At least we all got to sleep. And at least I still have hair.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessie says:

    Maylie, you are a very wise young lady! I’m impressed at your honesty, even when it was the hardest choice to make!

  2. Morgan G. says:

    This made me laugh out loud! You’re an excellent storyteller, Maylie. I’m glad everything’s okay!

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