Big News

We have news. Big, big news. So big that even as I write this I’m thinking, is this for real? But it is. It has been through much prayer, much contemplation, many tears, and a fair amount of hyperventilation that we have reached this decision. Or, rather, this big big idea has reached us, and we are deciding to knot the two ends of the rope. In some ways this crazy thing doesn’t make sense, and in other ways, it makes total sense.

We are taking the steps forward to join a city mission team in London England.


Whoa. I wrote it out. Now it’s even for real-er.

And I’m already guessing at the various mental reactions those words have garnered.

London? Missionaries? Why you? How? When? Why? What? Who?

As a writer, the thing that often trips me up is how acutely aware I am of “audience”, that everyone has individual experiences and beliefs and will react and respond in about a thousand different ways. Here are the questions I’m expecting right off the bat:

Have you thought this through?


Have you thought this through in terms of support raising and the cost of living in London?

Yes x 100.

Have you thought it through concerning your teenage/pre-teen kids and how it impacts them?

Yes x 1000 + lots of parental tears + prayer + wisdom from other parents/missionaries.  

Even so, the above equation doesn’t = prediction, or guarantees, (what of life does?) and that has been a huge hurdle for me personally because I have discovered I like to predict things. Rather, I like buying into the notion that I can predict things. But it is only that: a notion. Not reality.

If you ask me questions about this London adventure (and please do!) you might get an “I’m not sure yet” or “We’ll have to see”.

What I do know is this is where God has led us. This path. All the details that I would love, love, love to know? They’re fuzzy. He’s lighting up the path before our feet; he’s not shining the light a mile down the road.

Doug and I have wrestled through this decision for five months. It’s been exhausting and stimulating and thrilling and terrifying. And yes, we realize we’ve just started this journey.

Our next step is a vision trip. Our whole family. We’ll connect with the missionary family who’s been living in London for three years (and they have teens…. Yay!), connect with churches, get a better sense for what we’d be doing, how we’d minister (there’s an abundance of opportunities… very exciting) and how life might work for the kids in terms of school. It’s the last step in determining if we’re a good fit for the London team, and if they’re a good fit for us. We wouldn’t be taking the trip if we didn’t feel very confident that yes, the pieces do match up, but we can’t make this big of a change without going there first. 

So there you have it.

There’s much more I can say—and we will say more—as we continue the journey. So if you’d like to hear more specifically about this London venture, you can sign up for updates on our family blog Otherwise, I’ll keep rambling here on this site too. : )

 Thanks for listening,


4 responses to “Big News”

    1. My daughter’s Wheaton College roommate and her fam lived in London for several years and it was wonderful for them…. Sounds very exciting for all of you ! Sign me up for your blog ! Sue Gradwell

  1. Running in the path of his commands, and how he sets our hearts free! (Psalm 119:32)
    I am so excited to see how this “notebook” fills in. Thanks for filling us in, Rach!

    1. What an awesome verse. I’m going to have to meditate on that one! Thanks

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