Put Down, Pick Up

It’s a new year, a fresh start, and blahbity blah blah blah. (Pardon my bout of cynicism; i’m under the influence of Sudafed.) Most days, sharing anything close to parenting “wisdom” seems laughable. It is laughable. If you’re like me, you’ve wished for a do-over button on more than a few occasions. Even so, over at The Parents Summit I’m pitching out two Big Idea ideas, two sturdy handles to grab on to as we shiver our way into this new year.  We can do this, parents! (We have to!) coffee-smartphone-desk-pen.jpg

Put Down and Pick Up: A general road map for parents in the bleak Mid-Winter

We made it, parents. We made it through another year and now stand on the precipice of a brand-new one. It’s the time for fresh startsclean slates, and all those other resolution-driven platitudes. We’ll do better, be better, eat better, exercise better, parent better.

I’m all for goal-setting and improvement but in our, at times, frantic attempt to become a better parent—whatever that means—we may lose sight of the big picture. Well-intentioned parental resolutions can overwhelm and exhaust us because parenthood can overwhelm and exhaust us. In the bleak mid-winter, I’m better off with a general roadmap, not a detailed ten-step program. So here’s one big picture goal, one offering of New Year’s advice…   keep reading at The Parent’s Summit

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