Lights Please

For some of us, March madness has little to do with basketball and more to do with a mild and (hopefully) temporary insanity due to lack of sunlight. One grey day rolls into another. For weeks—or months—on end. Our souls grow grey while our skin grows paler. Where are you, O Sun? We need you. … More Lights Please

You Are Mine

Every five years or so I eke out a poem. Usually it turns into an emotional deluge, where everything I forgot to cry about suddenly hits me and I’m left with a hundred soggy Kleenexes and a damp keyboard. Such is poetry. I was asked to write/recite something for The Parent’s Summit that our church … More You Are Mine

Birthday Giveaway

The Ground Beneath Us is one year old and you may be the recipient of a birthday gift! (keep reading 🙂 One of the greatest JOYS for me this past year has been meeting with readers. It’s always fascinating to discover which scenes resonated or angered or delighted. What brought you to tears, what made you laugh, … More Birthday Giveaway

Big News

We have news. Big, big news. So big that even as I write this I’m thinking, is this for real? But it is. It has been through much prayer, much contemplation, many tears, and a fair amount of hyperventilation that we have reached this decision. Or, rather, this big big idea has reached us, and … More Big News

Half Used Notebooks

Crossing off items on the back to school supply list can provide a strange thrill. It feels delightfully proactive. Three boxes of two ply? Check! I know what’s expected of me. I can deliver. Except when it comes to notebooks. I struggle with notebooks. Every year. There they sit in the store, fresh and gleaming … More Half Used Notebooks