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Grab some friends and let’s chat. Did you love or loathe a certain character?  Ask your questions and offer your insights in person or on Zoom.

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Book Discussion Questions 

11150328_10206342563184160_3655131844577062127_nDiscussion Questions for The Ground Beneath Us

1. Do you think Holly and John portray a typical marriage? Why or why not?

2.  What parts of the story, or characters, do you identify with? Did the story cause you to view marriage differently?

3. How do you think the title relates to the story?

4. Would you say Holly crossed the line in her relationship with Seth? Why is she attracted to him? What need did he fulfill?

5. How does Holly’s “Blueberry Pancake Morning” affect her outlook on marriage?

6. How would you describe Annalisa as a friend?

7. In what ways does the theme of death and new life play into the story?

8. The story begins and ends with Holly running. How does the running theme play out in the story?

9.  How do you envision Holly’s life continuing after the end of the book?


(Discussion Q’s for Mother of My Son available upon request.)


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