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Book Discussion Questions 

11150328_10206342563184160_3655131844577062127_nDiscussion Questions for The Ground Beneath Us

1. Do you think Holly and John portray a typical marriage? Why or why not?

2. How do you think the title relates to the story?

3. When would you say Holly crossed the line in her relationship with Seth? At what point did their friendship inch into infidelity? Why is she attracted to him? What need did he fulfill?

4. Discuss Laura and her decision to marry Phil . Do you agree with her rushed wedding?

5. How does Holly’s past, specifically the “Blueberry Pancake Morning” affect her outlook on marriage?

6. When Holly told Annalisa she was thinking about leaving John, Annalisa responded by warning her that their friendship would be ruined. Do you agree with Annalisa’s response?

7. How does the theme of death play out in the story? What about the theme of new life?

8. Do you think Holly would have continued to pursue Seth if he hadn’t broken things off after John’s  heroic act?

9. How does Tori cause Holly to view Seth more realistically? What might cause us to view other people’s spouses and/or marriage with rose-colored glasses?

10. The story begins and ends with Holly running. How does the running theme play out in the story?

11. At the end of the book, John and Holly experience an idyllic Christmas morning, then have a terrible fight.  How do you envision their lives and marriage continuing after the end of the book?

12.  What parts of the story, or characters, do you identify with? Did the story cause you to view marriage differently?

(Discussion Q’s for Mother of My Son available upon request.)