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Why God made us male and female, why it matters, and what to do with all the confusion.

You’ve heard about puberty, purity, and dating. But what about all the confusion surrounding gender identity? What about questions like:  Love is love, right? Who am I to judge?  Do the laws in the Old Testament even matter anymore? How does our sexuality relate to the gospel of Jesus? What if I’m wrestling with gender identity? There is hope for your weary mind. Before the Birds invites you to unravel the confusion by taking a holistic, biblical, and systematic approach to these complex issues. Ignite your critical thinking, bolster your convictions and compassion, and discover how God’s design for humanity sheds light on today’s issues. It’s not enough to understand the birds and the bees. Now, more than ever, we need to uncover the truth established Before the Birds.


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How do you resurrect a dead marriage?

Feeling trapped in a lifeless marriage, Holly Lewis runs away from home one morning. She’ll come back of course, to her humdrum husband and two children, but after running into Seth, the divorced artist down the street, Holly begins to question everything. It doesn’t help matters that one of her friends seems to have an ideal marriage and another friend is starting over from scratch. When Seth helps her train for a half marathon, Holly wonders if she’s missing out on her soul mate. Should the promise she made to her husband, who now seems like a stranger, trump her own happiness? ‘Til death do us part, she once vowed. But what if the marriage dies first?


Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 5.35.29 PMAMAZON REVIEWS:

“…thought-provoking and even haunting at times as Allord so accurately depicts real life.”

“…characters are believable and realistic… marriage is not always a wonderful fairytale dreamland.”

“[Allord] writes with such honesty, she doesn’t sugar coat the challenges of life…

“If you start this book at bedtime, you will be up longer than you think…”

“Once you open this book it’s hard to put it down!”


a novel
College student Amber Swansen gives birth alone. In desperation, she abandons the newborn, buries her secret, and attempts to get on with her life. No matter how far she runs, she can’t escape the guilt. Years later and still haunted by her past, Amber meets Beth Dilinger. Friendship blossoms between the two women, but Beth’s son is a constant, painful reminder to Amber of the child she abandoned. When heartache hits, causing Amber to grapple with the answers to life’s deeper questions, Beth stands by her side. Yet just when peace seems to be within Amber’s grasp, the truth of her past and the parentage of Beth’s son comes to light and threatens to shatter not only their worlds, but the life of the teenager they both love.


Read more about Rachel’s publication journey here.

Praise for Mother of My Son:
“I was hooked on the first page and kept on going. Watch for more from this talented author!”
– Anne Mulligan, Sr. Editor
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Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 5.35.29 PMAMAZON REVIEWS:

“…kept me turning the pages. I even lost a little sleep because I didn’t want to put it down.”

“…an engaging read from the very first page!”

“This book really is a breath of fresh air…”

“Wonderful and believable… so refreshing in Christian literature.”
“…beautiful. The characters are so real, the dialog so believable, and it is not a book you will easily forget…”

“Heartwarming and heart-wrenching story!”

“I couldn’t put it down. I literally stayed up all night reading it!”

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