Let the Art Breathe

Young female is writing notes and planning her schedule.
Young female is writing notes and planning her schedule.

Today I’m honored to be guest blogging over at Novel Rocket.  Before Mother of My Son was published, I entered it Novel Rocket’s (then Novel Journey) contest for aspiring novelist and it won in the Contemporary Women’s category. Total morale boost for a wanna-be novelist. Thank you Novel Rocket for all of your encouragement!

Once upon a time there was no such thing as Christian fiction. There were only novels. Some referred to God, some even mentioned Jesus, and some did not. Then one day a line was drawn. Christian fiction was demoted to an itty-bitty shelf in a mainstream bookstore, or ended up in its very own Christian bookstore… (to read more, click link) http://www.novelrocket.com/2015/11/when-youre-christian-but-your.html


One response to “Let the Art Breathe”

  1. Right on, Rachel! I see this issue gaining traction. Awhile back, Books & Such Agency stirred up a flurry of comment about the genre label of Christian fiction.
    I strive for my writing to portray my characters authentically, and for them to be as authentic as possible or at least to try to be. I’ll write NF if it’s solely for the Christian audience; otherwise, let the chips fall where they may. I’m a Christian and that permeates my worldview, and hopefully, my writing.
    I want to see more of your work–as I get time.

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