Mission Impossible

( Curious how we ended up in London? Blogging at EFCA today!)

I am not moving to London.

At least that’s what I told God from our rented room on the top story of The Forester Pub in west London. It was the third night of our family’s vision trip, the culmination of months of praying, counsel-seeking, investigating and eventually applying and interviewing with ReachGlobal. This vision trip was designed to help us determine the fit; to help us answer the question, Is God calling us to join the mission field in London?

Three days in and my answer was no. God was not calling us to the mission field in London. My emotions, common sense, as well as the dynamics of our family rallied against taking such an absurd turn at this juncture in our lives…..

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  1. Julie Price says:

    SO ENCOURAGING – and real. Thank you, Rachel, for sharing this. May God use it to minister to someone who is in an “in between” place right now.

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